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Spellbound Angry Man

I occupy myself with staffordshire bullterrier breeding since 1998. November 29, 1998 I got my first brood from the following dam/sire: Agata (whelped July 2, 1997) and Spellbound Angry Man (the Champion of Russia, the Champion of Russian Cynologic Federation, the IKU Champion, the winner of the "Mayor Cup 1999-2002 yy"; whelped May 3, 1997).

There have been five puppies in the litter, two males: Lord Spooler (tiger) and Leon Barrymore (black-tiger with white), and three bitches: Lucky Yana (black-tiger with white), Latoya (black-tiger), and Lolly Pop (black-tiger with white). Having obtained good results, I repeated the mating next year, and November 18 eight puppies whelped: four males (Carat, Carlos, Calvin, Krez) and four bitches (Constance, Christie, Claire, Catty).

In the third litter, August 11, 2002, six puppies whelped: four males (Edward, Edwin, Elliot, Anthony) and two bitches (Ethel and Etoile).

Rynosera Olly Alexander

The bitches of the first litter (Lucky Yana, Latoya, Lolly Pop) were mated with young imported stud, son of Brystaff Simply the Best (the stud dog of England 1999 and 2000), – Rynosera Olly Alexander (whelped October 1, 1997). The show career of Rynosera Olly Alexander became very successfull, nowadays he is the most titled sire in Russia. By age of three he has gained the following titles: Interchampion, the Champion of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Romania. In 2002 he became the Champion of Cenral and Eastern Europe, in 2003 the Champion of the Terrier-union, the Champion of the National Club. These couplings gave prefect results. Among their descendants there are many Champions of Russia, winners and prizers of shows and sporting contests.

October 2, 2000, from Lord Spooler and Olivia (sir Boss Consulate Condor, dam Elisaveta) we obtained a brood of seven puppies: five males (Well Breed Russtaf, Well Neat Russtaf, Well Red Baron Russtaf, Well Hild Russtaf, Well Bin Russtaf) and two bitches (Well Victoria Vursta Russtaf, Well Violetta Russtaf).

In 2003 Well Red Baron Russtaf and Kimberly Perlo di Negro (sir Brampton Led dam Christie), in 2004 Well Neat Russtaf and Beatrice (sir Irinki Radost' Spider dam Henrietta) had their own litter.

Bitches of the second brood: Claire was purchased by an estonian cynologist Siria Karo (Tallinn), she had a perfect litter; Constance Diadora was purchased by the Bull Strong nursery, she also had wonderful children; Christie was purchased by the Joyfull Staffy nursery, she also with good litter; Catty was not coupled, and lives with private owners.

From the second brood males, Carat was coupled. Carat and Fifa (sir Spellbound Angry Man dam Gloria) had two litters, their children initiated breeding in Kaliningrad, Novocherkassk, Yaroslavl.

Puppies of the third litter, sir Spellbound Angry Man dam Agata, (Edward, Edwin, Elliot, Anthony, Ethel, Etoile) found their owners in Moscow, Korolev, Orenburg, Vladikavkaz and Donetsk. In September, 2004 Rus Terrier Etoile (Moscow) was coupled with Rynosera Olly Alexander, their children being settled in Samara, Ulianovsk, Moscow.

Spellbound Angry Man was used as a principal stud dog in our breeding. Today we've got many good puppies from bitches of other clubs, their descendants are used in Kazan', Rostov-on-Don, Naberezhnye Chelny, Cheboksary, Vladimir, Murom, Gus-Khrustalny, Kaluga, Tula, Veliky Novgorod, Novokuznetsk, Syzran', Samara, Ulianovsk and other regions.

We wish all owners good luck in show carreer and success in breeding!


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